Borough of Allendale Office of Emergency Management

OEM Coordinator:  Police Chief Michael Dillon

Deputy OEM Coordinators:
Sgt. Terrence Lawler
Michael Limatola

About the Office of Emergency Management

Mission Statement
The mission of the Borough of Allendale Office of Emergency Management is to maintain the highest possible level of preparedness to protect the lives and property of the residents of Allendale before, during and after a natural or man-made disaster. The Office of Emergency Management works with all emergency responders, public and private agencies, business communities and volunteer organizations to meet this mission.

What We Do
Our responsibility at OEM, along with our partners in county, state and federal government, is to assist in preparing for all of the hazards that pose a threat to our community.  We strive to lessen the negative effects of disasters on our neighborhoods through hazard mitigation planning and creating partnerships with volunteer, business and community groups.

We employ the following four phases of comprehensive emergency management:

  • Mitigation
    Actions taken to eliminate or reduce the degree of long-term risk to human life and property from natural disasters and catastrophe’s.
  • Preparedness
    Actions taken in advance of an emergency to develop operational capabilities and facilitate an effective response in the event an emergency occurs.
  • Response
    Actions taken immediately before, during, or directly after an emergency occurs, to save lives, minimize damage to property and enhance the effectiveness of recovery.
  • Recovery
    Activity to return vital life support systems to minimal operating standards and long-term activity designed to return life to normal or improved levels.

OEM staff works vigilantly with emergency responders to plan and prepare and protect the citizens of The Borough of Allendale as well as its infrastructure. However, it is just as important that you, as a member of this community, take an active role in disaster preparedness.

Allendale OEM suggests residents take these basic steps:

  1. “Get a Kit” of emergency supplies – the items that will help you stay self-sufficient for up to three days, if needed.
  2. “Make a Plan” for what you and your family will do during an emergency – this includes knowing how to evacuate and how to Shelter-in-Place.
  3. “Stay Informed” on current developments with the disaster; your single greatest source of information during an emergency will be a battery powered radio.

Residents can find more information on emergency preparedness from the links shown below:
State of NJ Public Health Guide to Emergency Planning