Welcome to The Allendale Police Department website.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a web presence and we’re excited to be back!

Allendale is a small community in northwest Bergen County, NJ.  We have about 6,500 residents, and are about 3 square miles in size.  Although mainly residential, our town does have light industrial and office space in addition to a centralized business district.  Our 14 officer department provides primary policing services for all of the above, plus the 2 elementary and 1 regional high schools that are in town.

Our officers, working in a small community as we do, have been able to establish and maintain a close relationship with our residents and businesses alike.  In an effort to expand on these relationships, as well as build new ones, we have also taken part in initiatives to bring us even closer to our residents.  Touch-A-Truck, Coffee With a Cop and Tweet-Alongs (Virtual Ride-Alongs) are some of these initiatives.  We have also begun to book speaking engagements for businesses, tenant groups and community organizations.

One area which we have begun an outreach to is our special needs population.  We have recently designated one of our officers as a specials needs liaison.  This officer is the primary point of contact for anyone with questions or concerns with regard to a special needs person or situation.  It is also this officer’s job to oversee and manage our Special Needs Registry, which we use it to connect with our Special Needs residents as needs dictate.  Please see our Special Needs page for more information on our Special Needs programs.

Please look through our site.  We hope you find it informative and useful.  If  you have any comments or thoughts on how it could be more so, please leave us a comment.

Thank you for visiting the new APD web site!