Allendale Police have established a Safe Exchange Zone at police headquarters. This Safe Exchange Zone is in our parking lot, indicated by a sign, is well lit and is monitored by video.
The purpose of this Safe Exchange Zone is to provide a safe area for residents to buy and sell items through internet transactions. However, even though we provide this area it is important to remember that people you meet on the internet are still strangers and can present risks.
Generally, when making transactions through online services please:
• Make all transactions during the daylight hours if possible
• Have a cell phone with you
• Tell family members and friends about the exchange
• Never invite strangers to your home or a friend’s house for a transaction
• If the other party refuses to use a safe zone, reconsider the transaction
If you do decide to make your transaction at our Safe Exchange Zone please remember:
• Contact us prior to the transaction so we can arrange for an officer to be in the area
• We cannot become involved in the transaction (i.e.: verifying an item’s validity, checking it’s status, following a vehicle being test driven, etc.) All transactions are at the parties’ discretion
• Our sole purpose is to provide a safe area for the transaction to take place. Even so, It is recognized that these are private civil transactions and the only service Allendale Police are offering is the use of our parking lot and front lobby. The safety of those involved and the assurance of the items being sold as legitimate are not implied or intended to be guaranteed.


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