In the early morning hours of Sept. 15th, Allendale police captured a burglar as he was exiting a house on Allendale Avenue.
Sgt. Terrence Lawler and Officer Dan Rosendahl were conducting a burglary detail in response to recent reports of burglaries and thefts in the area. While on Franklin Turnpike they saw a male party out walking the streets at 3:30 am. They watched him as he walked along the street and lost sight of him in a wooded area. As they were walking in the direction he was last seen heading they heard him walking through woods near a house on Allendale Avenue. They approached the house and noticed a side door was slightly open. As they were approaching, the party they had been following exited the home from that door.

Sgt. Lawler ordered to the man to get on the ground, but he instead ran toward the street. A short foot chase ensued before the subject was caught on the front yard of a Cottage Place house. In his possession were a bag of popcorn and a bag of corn chips, both of which were taken from the home on Allendale Avenue.

The party, Justinian Rocco, age 20, an Allendale resident, was arrested and brought to police headquarters, where he was charged with Burglary, Theft and Resisting Arrest.
Mr. Rocco was held on $35,000 bail and lodged the Bergen County Jail in default.

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