According to weather authorities, the area is expected to experience a high volume of snow and fast moving winds. The governor has declared a state of emergency. In preparation for this event, the Borough would like to convey some important safety messages. All of these messages, along with updated storm related information can be found on the borough’s website at

No street parking is permitted. Please prepare for potential power outages and strict limitations on travel. Please ensure that snow is not shoveled into the road and assist the fire department by clearing snow around fire hydrants. The borough library will close today at 5pm and will be closed on Tuesday, January 27th. As of now, East side garbage pickup has been moved to Wednesday January 28th. Scrap metal collection has been cancelled. As of now commingled recycling will still take place on Thursday, January 29th.

As the storm progresses, borough officials will keep you updated by using this notification system.