Area police have taken several reports of stolen packages during the past few months.  In Allendale alone, several have been stolen.  Some ways to prevent this crime from occurring  are:

  • Ask for a tracking number. Most shippers offer this at no additional cost. This allows you to track your package and get an approximate delivery time.
  • Request a signature delivery option. This will prevent eth package from sitting on your doorstep after delivery.
  • Request a specific delivery date if possible, so you are home when the package arrives.
  • Arrange for the package to be held at the shipping service so you may retrieve it when convenient for you.
  • Consider asking that the package be dropped at a side or back door, or inside an enclosed porch so it is out of sight.
  • If possible have the package delivered to your work.
  • Have the package delivered to a relative or friend who can be home to accept it.
  • Ask a neighbor to “keep an eye out” for the delivery.
  • If the package does not arrive on schedule contact the shipper immediately.

If you see someone taking a package from a doorstep Call 9-1-1 immediately and give the dispatcher a description of the person and vehicle used and direction of travel.