A blizzard warning has been issued for our area from 1 PM Monday until midnight Tuesday. We are expecting a powerful winter storm with significant snowfall. Please use caution and prepare accordingly.

For additional information on this event: http://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwacapget.php?x=NJ1253910E11BC.BlizzardWarning.125391397F50NJ.OKXWSWOKX.0028bd4ba3e6472c8b078eba836f9976

In anticipation of the snow predicted we are reminding residents to please keep their vehicles off the roadway so that our Department of Public Works employees are able to keep the roads passable for emergency vehicles during the storm. This also helps in clearing the roads more quickly once the storm has passed.

The Allendale Police Department and Department of Public Works would like to remind residents that parking on streets is prohibited during a snow emergency. Borough ordinance # 252-81 states:

“Whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that plowing and/or snow removal will be required by the Borough, an emergency is deemed to exist and no vehicles shall be parked on any street or highway within the Borough. Such parking prohibition shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased until the streets have been plowed sufficiently and to the extent that parking will not interfere with the normal flow of traffic.”

“Any unoccupied vehicle parked or standing in violation of this article shall be deemed a nuisance to the safe and proper regulation of traffic and any police officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle. The owner shall pay the reasonable costs of such removal and storage before regaining possession of the vehicle.”

The second law is NJS 39:4-77.3 (Anti-Snow Dumping Act).  This law states that the commercial operator of a plow or other snow removal equipment cannot deposit snow on any street or public land.  The fine for this violation is $250 for the first offense and $500 for any additional offenses.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact the Allendale Police Department at 201-825-1900 or the Department of Public Works at 201-818-4410.